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About Mobile Monday London

Welcome to Mobile Monday London, centre of the London mobile community for discussion, events and information. Mobile Monday London (MoMoLondon) is an informal networking group based in London, England. Our aim is to share experiences of building and deploying mobile data products and services. We invite lively discussion on our mailing list and we organise monthly networking events around topics and trends of interest to the UK mobile industry.

What we do


Each month, typically the first Monday evening we hold an event along a particular theme. Each month we selected a number of compelling speakers and demoers to run through their view on the theme for that night. Most meetings also include a questions and answers session with the speakers.


At the end of each event an important part of Mobile Monday is networking, where we all get to meet each other and talk about the topic of the day or indeed anything else that has been happening. The networking takes place outside of the theatre over drinks and snacks.


The mobile industry is still young and emerging, therefore there is always something to disucss or find other peoples opinions are. The community forum within Mobile Monday London is the hub of discussions in (out often outside of) the London mobile industry.


Mobile Monday London is part of an ever-growing number of global cities hosting similar groups. Most citiies follow the same model as we do, monthly events, a discussion forum, special one off events and so on. Each year, there is a global MoMo summit where we all get together and discuss what is going on in the MoMo community as a whole.

Contact Us

If you wish to participate in one of our events, or need to contact us directly regarding the community or the web site in general then please contact us.

MoMoLondon Organisers

Mobile Monday London doesnt just organise itself (although it may feel that way sometimes). The following people lay their own time on the line, organise the events and host and moderate this web site and forum. We are:

Alex Craxton

Co-founder of Mobile Monday London works as a Technical Program Manager for Nuance Communications as the day job. Worked on mobile projects for international network operators, some of the most highest profile UK interactive television, product market research, mobile campaigns for top tier brands, and interactive online social and collaborative media production. I come from a software engineering background and have delivered projects on web and mobile platforms, including this MoMoLondon community web site!
Dan Appelquist

Dan is an American ex-pat living in London and working for Vodafone. He is active in W3C, OMTP and other industry initiatives and organizations. He is a speaker and writer on technology topics. He blogs at and tweets at
Jo Rabin

Jo is a co-founder of Mobile Monday London and co-chairs the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, where he has edited many documents about the mobile Web.
Helen Keegan

Consultant in mobile marketing, advertising and media. Co-organiser of Mobile Monday London events - Founder of the Heroes of the Mobile Screen conference - Organiser of Swedish Beers in London, Barcelona & Sydney Regular on the speaker circuit and commentator on mobile marketing, advertising and media over at Follow me on twitter




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