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Community Etiquette

Here is a list of simple DOs and DONTs that we expect of everyone in our community:

  • Do, contribute with your comments, but please keep them constructive and refrain from personal or bad language
  • Do use English, this community is based in London but will be accessed from all over the globe
  • Do search for topics or browse through tags before creating new topics, if a conversation has been had before then please continue it.
  • Do use the forum for questions and answers, if you want to share then create a new activity, try to pick an industry vertical, technology or event to relate that to.
  • Do provide us feedback on how we can improve our web site.
  • Do report any messages you believe are inapproriate, we will see a list of messages for moderation and can look and remove them if necessary.
  • Do link into our site using the 'share' buttons alongside events, news, activities and forum topics.
  • Do subscribe to our RSS feeds to keep up to date with the latest in events, news, activities and forum posts.
  • Do contact the organisers if you wish to post about your event, company, service, product on our site rather than immediately posting ... chances are you will be barred from the site.
  • Do respect the opinions and feelings of other users of this site, we are all here to share and help each other, there shouldnt be any political agendas played out on this site.

But also please ...

  • Do not use bad or inapproriate language
  • Do not get personal, keep your comments constructive
  • Do not abuse the web site for non-mobile related intent
  • Do not advertise, promote or refernce products, services or companies that are not relevant to a direct question, contact the organisers first before posting anything such as this
  • Do not advertise jobs to this site unless you have requested permission from the organisers

And the obligatory legal statement ...

Mobile Monday London is not responsible for the content or opinions of members posting to events, news, activities and the forum.


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