Mobile Monday London

Jul, 2011

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Sponsored by Blue Via, our July event is focussed on the state of the developer nation where we will have key players from within the developer ecosystem share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

The report: Developer Economics 2011 (free download) is the quintessential mobile developer research report. In this second annual report, we explore both what drives developer mindshare, and how brands are fast-forwarding into the world of mobile. It takes the reader across the entire developer journey, from the shift of mindshare and why "users can buy you love," to how money is made in mobile. It covers the hottest issues, from app design and promotion to monetisation and user support.

Speakers include Eli Camilleri from Vision Mobile, James Parton from Blue Via, Tom Hume from Future Platforms, Simon Davis from Snaptu, Chad Cribbins from Spaient and Simon Walker from comScore.

Venue - CBI at Centrepoint

6pm Doors open

6.30pm Welcome and introductions

6.35pm Report Summary from Andreas Constantinou

6.45pm Panel session and discussion led by Eli Camilleri

8.00pm - Drinks and networking courtesy of Blue Via

9.30pm - Doors close

CBI Conference Centre
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22 June 2011 21:54

Look forward to it! Let me know if you need help on the panel.


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