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Jun, 09

Our lovely sponsors this month are IPC Media (whose fantastic offices we'll be seeing on the night) and Samsung Mobile Innovator (who will be making a special announcement on Monday evening). Doors will open at 6pm for a *prompt* and we mean *prompt* start at 6.30pm as we have a LOT to get through and I didn't want anyone to miss out. The demos should be done by 8.30pm and we'll have drinks and networking then and if it's a lovely evening, we'll be out on the stunning roof terrace. You'll find IPC Media's offices at The Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street up on the 10th floor (nearest tubes Waterloo, Southwark, London Bridge).

Please allow enough time to get through security on the ground floor and
take the lift up to the 10th floor where we'll be holding the event. Also please
make sure you are registered well in advance so we can whizz you through security. We cannot guarantee you entry unless you are registered.
We have capacity for 155 across three rooms and we'll be rotating the demo teams across all three rooms so that you'll get chance to see everything. You won't miss out by not being in a particular room.

Each demo company will have 3 minutes to pitch their wares, and not just show what their product does but also share at least one insight. At the end of each section, there'll be chance for questions from the audience. This process will be repeated three times with the three groups of demo companies.

6:00pm - Doors open
6:30pm - Welcome
6:35pm - Demos break into 3 rooms
            Vopium - like Skype but fully integrated into your mobile's phonebook
            Peepr.TV - webcam streaming to mobile
   - standard rate calls instead of 0870
            Photofit - photo mashup application
            Total Hotspots - Rummble your nearest wifi hotspot
            Audioboo - audio micro-blogging as much loved by Stephen Fry amongst others
            Artilium - making LBS easy for developers
            Proxama - the latest in NFC wallets
            Ookl - mobile learning
            Singtones - karaoke on your phone
            Masabi - rail ticketing
            Corebridge - CRM on the go
            Spoonfed - London restaurant finder
8.20pm - Wrap up and Drinks reception

IPC Media is a leading UK consumer magazine publisher. Almost two in every three UK women and over 44% of UK men read an IPC magazine. That's over 26 million UK adults.

Samsung Mobile Innovator provides you with the resources you need to develop your applications and get them running on Samsung mobile devices. Membership is free to anyone involved or interested in mobile development. Find out more here.

IPC Media, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark St, SE1 0SU
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped, sponsored, attended or demo'd at last night's Mobile Monday London event. Even though I say it myself, it was a great success. The three room format seemed to work particularly well for a demo session. We also had some lovely feedback on the night which means a lot to us.

But there are some specific thank yous I need to mention to you all...

To our lovely sponsors, IPC Media (such a great space, really helpful staff on site, and great views across London town) and Samsung Mobile Innovator who announced their Samsung Innovation Quest widget making competition last night (hard cash prizes for the winners - worth a look) and to the weather fairies who kept it dry for us so we could use the wonderful roof terrace.

A huge thank you to our lovely helpers without whom, we couldn't have run the event so smoothly - Tiffany Mitchell, Julia Shalet, Nik Buckman, Improbulus and Mark Hawkins - you all did a great job :D

To the lovely staff at IPC for looking after us so well - Heidi, Naomi, the bar staff and the very calm and collected Jose for managing the technical stuff.

To our great demo companies who gave us a varied and interesting evening : Ben Whittaker from Masabi showcasing the latest yet simplest in rail ticketing, Dan Phillips from Ookl who showed us how to make cultural and learning venues even more fun, Jeff Bloom from Synchro Arts/ Singtone who proved to us they can make *anyone* sound good when they sing, Simon Taylor from Corebridge who managed to share with us what they?re doing around CRM on the go, Alex Will from Spoonfed who make it easy to find out what?s on in London local to you, Tanvin Sharif from Vopium which is like Skype but better as it?s seamlessly integrated into your mobile phone?s address book, Mun Kong from d2see / who showed us what fun you can have with a web cam and a mobile phone, Simon Maddox from who wants to make it easy for people to ring 0870 and 0845 numbers at local and national rates from your phone and is doing this for love not money, Alex Housley from Total Hotspots who makes it easy for you to find your nearest wifi hotspot with reviews, Mark Rock from Best Before Media who showcased the runaway success that is Audioboo for folks into audio micro-blogging, Dave Hodder from Artilium who work with MNOs to make it easy for them to open up their networks to third parties and also do something rather special around LBS without the need for GPS, James Norris from Proxama who showed us the latest developments in NFC wallets, and Adam Hoyle from Do Tank Studios who showed us how easy it is to create photo mash ups on your phone using their Photofit app.

A thank you to Ben Smith from The Really Mobile Project who covered the event for us and will be posting stuff about the event shortly.

A thank you to my fellow organisers on the night Dan Appelquist and Alex Craxton. Jo Rabin, you were missed!

And a final thank you to all of you who came and participated. Your questions, tweets, feedback and presence made it all worthwhile. If you're interested to see what was said on twitter, search for #momolondon and #momolo which were the hashtags we used last night. You can follow us on twitter too.

If you took photos or are writing up a blog post re last night's event, then please do let us know and share the links with us here. I can see there are already some photos up on flickr.

If you'd like to sponsor or co-sponsor an upcoming event or our website, then please do get in touch with one of us - [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

And if you'd like to be on our roster of helpers, please contact me and I'll add you to the mailing list for that too.


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