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Dec, 2008
Mobile Social Networks
With the popularity of online social networks, with the rise of mobile access to these networks along with purely mobile social platforms what does all this mean to the users, what aspects will they really uptake and use and how succesful are these p...
Nov, 2008
MoMoLondon Birthday - Mobile Trends
Yes, it's true. Both Swedish Beers and Mobile Monday London have their birthdays round about now - 7 years and 3 years respectively. And to celebrate, we're joining forces and having a big bash combining the best of both events in one big night out o...
Oct, 2008
NFC - Connecting the Real and Virtual Worlds
NFC is one of the hot topics at the moment. We look at how NFC can be used for marketing and media applications, with lessons learned from trials and comparison with other technologies like QR Codes and Bluetooth that might be looked at as competitiv...
Sep, 2008
Mobile Platforms: Too much choice or Hobson's choice?
With the growing interest in Ajax and Widgets, and initiatives like BONDI, the choice of development platform has never been greater. How do these technologies play against or with more traditional approaches like installable J2ME and Native Apps.So ...
Jul, 2008
Its been over a year since we visited the subject of Location and now is a great time to revisit with a raft of alternate approaches to LBS from mobile operators. This month's event kindly hosted by Skyhook Wireless will be held on Monday the 14th of...
Jun, 2008
Mobile Marketing
Our next event (sponsored by Wireless Foundry) will be on June 2nd and will feature a high-level panel discussion on current mobile web, services and applications from a media and marketing perspective. We'll take a look at everything from mobile web...
May, 2008
Mobile Media
The May Mobile Monday London event focusses on Monetisation of mobile services through advertising and is kindly sponsored and hosted at the offices at Canary Wharf of Thomson Reuters.
Apr, 2008
Mobile User Experience
'Mobile UI, planning through to implementation' is the theme for the MoMoLondon April event. We are kindly sponsored by Taptu and have a great lineup of speakers:
Mar, 2008
Mobile London
The meeting for March concentrates what the mobile industry is doing in the London area for the people of London and surrounding areas. We will feature areas such as transport, politics blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
Feb, 2008
Mobile Operating Systems
Hosted by Symbian, our first MoMo for 2008 will be on Mobile Operating Systems and will be on Monday 4th Feb at our favourite location, the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point. At risk of being howled from the room for using vacuous clichÃ&...



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