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Sep, 2010
Demo Night - Autumn edition
Yes Demo Night is back at MoMoLondon! We'll update the agenda here once we know who's going to demo their wares on the night but expect an eclectic mix of mobile applications, products and services. Each presenter will get 3 minutes to demo and then ...
Jul, 2010
200,000 apps, where's mine?
Well that’s a good question indeed for anyone who has an app out there or wants to get a mobile application out there. Simply putting your application in any number of app stores isn’t enough when there are 199,999 others in there competi...
Jun, 2010
Living in a Multi Platform World
The mobile community has started to talk about how the tide is turning on App store mania and that the natural route forward is Web apps, HTML 5 and so on. Is this another example of wishful thinking - or is it reality? Isn't it actually all a bit mo...
May, 2010
Where Mobile Meets Media #2
Yes, we covered this topic in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress and it's such a hot topic, we're revisiting it. The world of traditional media is experiencing difficulty in matching declining advertising reveunes with the costs associated with ...
Apr, 2010
mPayments - Myths and Reality
mPayments is a topic that has had more false dawns than the dark side of the moon. There is no doubt that mobile technology promises to deliver both an appealing merchant and consumer experience, yet in the past, we've seen many mPayment companies an...
Mar, 2010
Demo Night!
We're pleased to be running our popular demo night again hosted by the lovely folks at IPC Media (thanks Miles!). We'll update the agenda here once we know who's going to demo their wares on the night but expect an eclectic mix of mobile applications...
Feb, 2010
Where Mobile Meets Media
Preaching to the converted here, but we all know how much mobile technology has changed our lives. By the same token, we also know that the world of traditional media is in trouble. Or at least, that's what we're led to believe with declining adverti...
Feb, 2010
Enabling Mobile Voice Services
With the rise of smarter handsets, now at 39% penetration in the UK, and the use of 3G on the steady increase and with it becoming more reliable, services such as VoIP (like Skype), speech recognition and audio processing are now more feasible t...
Jan, 2010
Mobile Application Sustainability - MoMo in Brighton
The Smoke Meets the Sea - Mobile Monday London takes a trip down to the coast to talk about sustainability in Mobile. Although individually handsets do not consume much power, with an estimated 6 billion in use by 2013 recharging them is set t...



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