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So who are you going to see at Demo night on the 29th?
30 March 2010 16:42

Well, it’s shaping up to be an interesting evening and it’ll be a busy one for sure judging by the registrations we’ve had. We have a variety of companies and individuals who will be showing you what they’re up to and we’re hoping for lots of discussion.

And we’re proudly sponsored on the night by IPC Media, Orange Vallee and BlackBerry.


So who do we have? In no particular order:

James Hugman from Future Platforms will be presenting the Guardian Anywhere, a free product we've released for Android devices which helps you read your daily newspaper (and which we're looking to license to other news properties).

Chetan Damani from Imano will be demonstrating the acrossair augmented reality browser to explain how it works and how potential partners can integrate with their platform.

Finbar Hawkins, HipLogic evangelist, will be showing everyone HipLogic Live, available now on Nokia and Windows Mobile and available soon for Android, which gives you a one-touch access point to your social networks, news stories and applications that is always on.

Marko Balabanovic is presenting from labs. What’s good around here? Mobile apps that recommend things to do in cities from labs, with some brand new launches.

Matt Pollitt will be joining us from ustwo to show us PositionApp - With over 200,000 downloads, nearly 1 million user sessions, PositionApp is the number one mobile app discovery and metrics tool in the iTunes store.

Georgina Mackenzie from Toytek will be presenting their app, The Ultimate Alphabet, a puzzle-based word game using clues and anagrams to explore 26 realistic and surreal paintings; from basic to complex and even specialist words hidden within these images.

Giles Corbett from Orange Vallee will be showing us ON which makes phonebooks smarter by bringing together all users’ contacts and by helping manage user notifications across a range of different contact groups

Sander Munsterman is from XS2TheWorld which is an award winning innovative mobile marketing company creating tailor made solutions for consumers and brands. They’re going to showcase their fuel checker application built for BP.

Martin Macmillan will be presenting from Bounce Mobile. They provide applications that give consumers new ways to interact with digital music via their mobile. The app they’ll be showing us is Fireplayer which is an app that allows you to remix and share your favourite music on your mobile. 

Terence Eden will be showing off one of his latest projects 


Ed Moore from Ocasta Labs sharing what they’re doing with Agora which is a mobile optimised social marketplace that matches buyers & sellers of goods & services by interest, location & reputation. 

John Roberts from Qustodian talking about permission based, engaging mobile marketing

Sanyu Kiruluta will be showing us a BlackBerry ebay 'SuperApp'.

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