Mobile Monday London

Event: Demo Night - Autumn edition

Sep, 2010

Yes Demo Night is back at MoMoLondon! We'll update the agenda here once we know who's going to demo their wares on the night but expect an eclectic mix of mobile applications, products and services. Each presenter will get 3 minutes to demo and then there'll be time for questions and feedback from the audience.

We hope to feature demos from some of the entrants of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition as well as some of the hacks from this year's Over The Air. We have space for a few more as well. Just fill in this form if you'd like to be considered for one of the slots.

We are also still on the lookout for another sponsor to support the event so that we don't go short of beers for the networking afterwards. If you're interested, then please get in touch with Alex or Helen - [email protected] or [email protected]

The goal of LUMU Invest team is to help startups in pursuing their plans. Our focus is seed and early stage financing and advisory for startups that have global ambitions.

Huge thanks to everyone involved on the night, the sponsors, the demoers, the helpers and most of all the audience. The evening swept along nice and quickly and each demo provided something different and insightful. We forgot to update our blog around who demoed on the night, however in our defence it did come together in the few days running up to the event :) ... so here is a list of who showed what on the evening:

  • Julien Fourgeaud, LUMU Invest
  • Martin Rigby, Psonar
  • Dave Tharp, Roulette Cricket
  • Phil Woodward, HipSnip
  • Andraz Logar, Toshl
  • Mark Melody, TravelPlan
  • Adrian Cuthbert, Myappmarks
  • Benjamin Ellis, Milestone Planner  
  • Tomaz Stolfa, Qootia
  • Mikko Linnamäki, LiquidairLabs
  • Adam Cohen Rose, The eyes have it
  • Sergio Falletti, Future Platforms
  • Ewan Spense, First Gear
  • Tom Hannen, Lobster

As usual, rather than us blow our own trumpet, let's see what the community through in their blogs ...


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