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Event: Mobile Marketing

Jun, 08
Mobile Marketing

Our next event (sponsored by Wireless Foundry) will be on June 2nd and will feature a high-level panel discussion on current mobile web, services and applications from a media and marketing perspective. We'll take a look at everything from mobile web to proximity to messaging to games and highlight creative execution and effective campaigns. We'll also discuss what media-owners and agencies want and how we as an industry should or could respond. We will also be challenging our expert panel to take a glimpse into the future and tell us what's catching their eye on the mobile horizon and what they think will capture the public's attention in the future.

Helen Keegan of Beep Marketing will chair the panel and it will feature Stephen Pinches from the Financial Time, Matthew Postgate from the BBC, Robert Thurner from Incetivated and, fresh from leading the successful MEX conference this week, Marek Pawlowski of PMN!

Thanks to Helen Keegan for chairing a really en


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