Mobile Monday London

Event: Mobile Social Networks

Dec, 08

With the popularity of online social networks, with the rise of mobile access to these networks along with purely mobile social platforms what does all this mean to the users, what aspects will they really uptake and use and how succesful are these platforms likely to be? Monday's event is going to be made up of 2 panels, one representing the industry and one representing the people. We will do another post confirming the lineup before the end of this week.

( consistently rated amongst the world's best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Future Platforms ( is a mobile development house which has built a strong reputation in the mobile industry for interface design and technical innovation. They can tackle everything from blue-sky prototyping and concept development to the design and build of complex mobile services and advertising campaigns.

ShoZu ( means you can share the moment, be it photos or video or a blog. You can send your stuff to friends and family, email or social networks as simply as pressing the button. Try it out today at!


3 December 2008 15:49

Looking forward!

3 December 2008 15:51

Nice site and looking forward to seeing everyone!



3 December 2008 15:55

Love the new site!

3 December 2008 16:04

Nice, but another profile / username / password to remember?

Amod dadhich
3 December 2008 16:05

Really nice work, impressive. Good Luck.

3 December 2008 22:29

Looking forward to it.

4 December 2008 13:08

See you their

4 December 2008 13:10

Great new site and it's good to see the "unregister" button, once you've registered for an event. Hopefully this will decrease the number of "no-shows" at oversubscribed events.


4 December 2008 15:10

Nice work, Alex!

A couple of quick thoughts:

1) you need to signpost the "add to calendar" functionality more clearly, as many wouldn't notice the date icon is clickable;

2) isn't a strong password (>= 8 characters lower limit) overkill for a low-value signin? It prevented me using my usual password for this kind of site!

Keep up the great work.


4 December 2008 20:22

Like the new site, well done!

As a regular momolo attendee I was disappointed to find that the 8 Dec event was fully subscribed only several hours after registration opened. Clearly momolo is an increasingly popular industry group ... which is great! Hopefully though, anyone registered who can't make it in the end will be using that "unregister" button, so that their place is freed up.

Cheers, Rob

4 December 2008 20:48

Thanks for the feedback everyone, keep posting your comments to this event thread, also create some buzz in the forum pad your profile out if you so wish and just explore and help us test the features. In the beta we will introduce email notifications around events opening, closing, filling up, standby list and so on ... stick with us on this! :)

5 December 2008 11:52

Nice site. Just a couple of niggly suggestions (I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu, btw):

  • the site doesn't always render properly for me - the text overruns and is hidden on the right in a number of places

  • I agree with the comment above about the strong password check preventing my use of my memorable password

  • if you jump the T&C link, find nothing there and then hit 'back', your password is cleared. Grrr.

  • there's no photo upload button!

I've signed up on Facebook for this event, so hopefully that counts even though it's apparently full here!?

5 December 2008 11:54

.. ah - found another oddity - the comments disappeared after I posted! I had to go back and hit 'full refresh' to see them again. very odd.

5 December 2008 11:55

.. ah - found another oddity - the comments disappeared after I posted! I had to go back and hit 'full refresh' to see them again. very odd.

Update: has the comments, but doesn't !!

5 December 2008 16:51


Realized I can't make Monday event so tried to unregister and hit this error:

HTTP Status 500 -

type Exception report


descriptionThe server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.




note The full stack traces of the exception and its root causes are available in the Sun Java System Application Server 9.1_02 logs.

6 December 2008 16:12

Same here as awalker...  would like to make my place available to someone else, but hit the NPE.

7 December 2008 12:31

Just saw the list is full ... I thought I had already signed up through Facebook ... can somebody let me know where I stand?

8 December 2008 11:56

I too wish to relinquish my place for tonights event but hit the 500 error.

8 December 2008 12:59

Yep sorry about the unregistering problems, its one of those things that worked for me but when everyone tries it breaks :( ... another bug for the to do list, thanks for raising it folks.

8 December 2008 14:45

no worries alex.  the key thing is that the places are relinquished to those on the waiting list.



8 December 2008 16:18

Alex - please contribute my slot to someone on the waiting list... I'm not going to be joining you tonight after all ....just too bushwacked. (It's the final countdown, dodododooo, dodo do do do....)




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