Mobile Monday London

Event: Enabling Mobile Voice Services

Feb, 2010

With the rise of smarter handsets, now at 39% penetration in the UK, and the use of 3G on the steady increase and with it becoming more reliable, services such as VoIP (like Skype), speech recognition and audio processing are now more feasible than ever on mobile. Let's also not forget that mobile phones were designed so we could *speak* to each other so it seems that these new(ish) voice and audio services should be a natural fit. But where do we go next with these services? So, this month we're taking a fresh look at voice and audio services on mobile to see what that means for consumers and what the uptake is or likely to be, and to understand the business models and the strategic challenges around integrating or offering such services.

Skype LogoSkype is software that enables the world's conversations. Over half a billion users worldwide have signed up to Skype, enabling them to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users. Freed from concerns of cost and location, millions of people are now using the rich communications experience Skype provides to stay in touch using their mobile phone.

We would just like to thank everyone invovled in our MoMoLondon event last week on 'Enabling Mobile Voice Services'. First of all, huge thanks must go out to Skype for stepping in as sponsors at such short notice, couldn't have done without you folks! Next we must thank our sponsors, speakers, demoers and panelists ...

Linda, Paul, Dan, Martin and everyone else from Skype
Andy Munarriz - HulloMail
Scott Stonham - CommuniGate
Ajit Jaokar
David Kerrigan - 3
Marcus Foster - Google
Mark Rock - AudioBoo
Neil MacDonald - Nuance
Nicky Hickman

Also a huge thanks to our friends who helped out on the reception desk ... Tiffany Mitchell, Shafiq Mumami, Nik Buckman and Lauren McGregor ... allowed us to get the room turned around quickly and ready for the event!

As always, rather than write our own review, here are some articles by the audience ...

If you have blogged or covered our February event, please let us know and we will add it to our list!



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